About Us

Agrárius-Union Kft.

Our company has been producing „Professional” fishing baits since 2001. We have created an entire collection of the personally reformed „HOKEV Professional”, one of the oldest fish baits in our country, which we have modernized both in their contents and designs.To achieve this we used our personal angling experiences of three decades. In addition to this we had it tested by both professional and sport anglers and their experiences also helped us to make some changes in the components when it was necessary, in order to obtain the ideal mixture.
The experimenting and the exercion of new materials are elementar parts of our daily work. This one guarantees the exellent fish luring and keeping ability of our new products.

You can also find concentrated aromas in liquid and powder forms with different flavors in different packages, feeding and hook pellets, pearl corns, puffies, bread boilies, boiled products, English crumbs, dips in our collection.

Our premises can be found in Tiszafüred. The manufacturing takes place on three assembly lines in a covered hall of more than 1.000 square metres (10.765 square feet). We use the latest technique on our automatic and half automatic machines, which guarantees the smooth and standard produktivity. Our basic commoditiesare of the highest quality, most of which are used by the food industry as well.

We have a consumer-friendly policy, which means we are happy to assist our wholesaler partners in the retail, inside and outside of the country with flexible service and fair paying conditions. We feel honored that the anglers’ community talks with appreciation about our products and about the catches they have achieved with the help of the baits developed and produced by us.

We wish every sport anglers a pleasant pastime with plenty of catches!

Tibor Katona and Zsolt Varga owners