Groundbaits „Silver”

The groundbaits of family „Silver” are our oldest products. It contains high valueable inner contents with good sticking qualities. We produce it with the most different flavours and colors. You can find in this family groundbaits for angling breams, carps, crucian carps, grass carps and for feedering.

Stripping: 1 kg, 5 kg

Groundbaits „Optimum”

5 mm pellets were added to the most favoured Professional groundbaits. This is enhancing their luring and keeping effects for large-bodied fishes. They’re recommanded for catching carp, grass carp, crucian carp.

Stripping: 1 kg

Groundbaits „Premium”

This is a darker colour feed of medium grain size, which sticks adequately. It is used efficiently in both warming and cooling waters. It is equally applicable for still- as well as running waters. It is available in plastic bags with a convient handle.

Stripping: 1,5 kg

Groundbaits „Classic”

We developed this family of groundbaits for everyday angling. We advice to use it for catching carps and crucian carps. The price/quality rate of this family is very good in the market. We are trading it with the most popular flavors.

Stripping: 1 kg, 2,5 kg

Liquid aromas

Our liquid aromas are useful for flavouring of feeding baits and of feeding pellets. They are effectual for allure fishes with their perfumes to the hook quickly. We produce them with many different colors and flavors.

Stripping: 30 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml


Our dips have good thickness and stickness. They come off the hooks slowly, so they smell for long time and it takes the baits irresistible for the fishes. They are stripping in practically useful jars with different flavors and colors.

Stripping: 150 ml

Active Aroma Spray

Easy to use aroma spray. This concentrated intense aroma can be used on all hook bait to access good catch.

Stripping: 50 ml


Bread boilies

The bread boilies are ones of our most popular products. It has been developed by us since 2010. They have drilled design, it makes easier to tie them on hook. They have very good hook-sticking properties; it is 2-3 hours and depends of the temperature of the water. We have them in nine colors and flavors for all type of water

Stripping: 30 pcs in a box

High concentrated aroma

Powder-form mixture of aroma advised to use for angling carp, crucian carp and bream. The content of one bag is enough to flavor 3-5 kg of feeding material.

Stripping: 250 gr in a packet

Hook pellets

Our hook pellets have high valueable inner content, thanks to their specially developed color- and taste palette, these pellets are irresistable to big, peaceful fishes. The hook pellets also have very good hook-sticking properties.
According to the water temperature and flowspeed, they stick on the hook for 3-5 hours without coming off.
It comes in a practical 100 gr plastic jar, soaked with oily aroma, 12 mm and 16 mm sized in drilled form. The 12 mm size and 100 gr weight design is treated also with dry aroma and comes in euro bags. Advised to tie on the hook.

Stripping: 100 gr

Feeding pellets

We produce all of our feeding pellets in a wide selection of different colors and aromas.
Our pellets are very protein-rich feeding materials made from the highest quality ingredients. They perfectly can be used for feeding and keeping at angling of big fish.
We provide our pellets in the size 3 mm - 5 mm at consistent, and 12 mm – 16 mm at drilled design.

Stripping: 0.8 kg, 3 kg in a bag, 10 kg in a bag

Method Pellet Plus

This pellet in diameter 1.5 mm has a good value of nutrien content and solubles in water very slowly. It is a product for making better the method baits, improving fishingg opportunities of them, but you can mix it ti any other feeding bait to make its beneficial effect to entice the fishes and to keep them in place.

Stripping: 0,7 kg + 30 ml liquid aroma

Pop Up Bojli

Excellently floating hook bait which we recommend for fishing peaceful fish, carp, crucian carp, and bream. Thanks to the different flavors and color variations we can fish with it all year round.

Packaging: 10 mm 45 pcs/jar; 12mm 30 pcs/jar


This is a maize based glue. It is suitable to stick the ingredients of feeding baits.

Stripping: 300 ml in a packet

Puffy – Floating hook bait (mini, midi)

It is a good long-term ability of fish bait, which is recommended for angling of carps, crucian carps and breams.

Stripping: 30 gr in a packet

Pearl corn

This bait stays on the hook very well. Its floating feature attracts the fish.
It’s perfectly suitable for both float fishing and bottom-angling.

Stripping: 30 gr in a packet

Pickled Hook Corn in a jar

This carefully selected whole grain hook corn is recommended for fishing carp, crucian carp, amur, and bream. The variations of flavors and colors ensure successful and effective fishing.

Stripping: 125 gr

Extra Rubber Corn in Dip

Good hook withstanding, floating corn imitation.

Packaging: 10 pieces/jar

Floating hook corn

These roasted corn grains, cooked by a special process, are an excellent food for carp and bream. The corn grains have a floating property which attracts fish more effectively.

Stripping: 10 pcs/packet

Floating rubber corn

Good hook withstanding, floating corn imitation.

Stripping: 10 pcs/packet

Corn Milk

It’s a liquid with a strong aroma for flavouring feeding baits, pellets and boiled seeds. It has a sweet, corn flavour which becomes seductive food for fish.

Stripping: 500 ml

Boiled seeds

It is an additive, suitable for feeding large-bodied fish and for keeping them in the area.
You can also use it mixed in dry food in the proportion of 15-20 %, so the carp and the bream can find their feed more easily.

Stripping: 1 kg, 3 kg